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Provo Real Estate Inventory

Provo Real Estate: Utah has 425 Homes for Sale in May 2012

The number of homes for sale in Provo Real Estate has increased since December 2011. The number of homes for sale in December was 270. Thus, we have increase the number of listings for sale in Provo by 155 or 36%.

We are seeing a shift from the type of homes for sale. For example we are seeing less Bank Foreclosures, short sales and HUD homes for sale and seeing more home owner selling their homes. The home owners are finally able to breathe after being smothered by distressed properties for the past five years. The Provo Utah Real Estate Inventory is finally stabilizing and improving. The prices are on the rise and the market is the strongest it has been for five years.

provo real estate inventory


Provo Real Estate Inventory

The graph below shows the number of homes currently for sale by the home owner which is currently at 338 and has double since December of 2011. Provo Utah currently has 78 short sales for sale and 5 bank foreclosures and 4 HUD homes.  Provo does not traditionally get very many HUD homes for sale. The number of short sales and bank foreclosures has been declining throughout Utah County over the past six months.

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Are you looking for a local Provo Realtor? Paul Teasdale has been selling homes and condo in Provo Utah since 1995.  Paul has lived in Provo and is familiar with the schools, neighborhoods, restrictions, city and recreational activities. Paul is very familiar with the BYU condos and can recommend some of the best condos to buy. A local Provo Realtor can really help you find that home or condo you are looking for. If you have questions about the Provo Real Estate Inventory contact Paul. The number of homes for sale in Provo Utah is constantly fluctuating.

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