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Do you want to know how to list a Provo Utah home? It is simple call Paul Teasdale. Paul is a local Provo Utah Realtor.

What does the advertised, or “list,” price of a house really mean with regard to how much you should offer? Don’t believe the price tag. In the end, it’s the market — that is, the level of other buyers’ interest in the house, and their view of how it compares to other available houses — that rules.

Real Estate market forces can and often do operate to change a home’s price between listing and closing. On average many of the homes listed in Provo end up selling for three percent less than the original asking price. This is because the buyers ask for closing costs to be included and paid for by the seller.

It is very important to price your home correctly. The first thing to do is have an experienced Realtor visit your home in Provo Utah and determine the value. Contact our team if you want to list a Provo Utah home.

List a Provo Utah Home

Listing Your Home in Provo Utah

In a hot market, sellers commonly list their houses at an artificially low price in order to make sure the maximum number of buyers come in to take a look, so that a bidding war ensues and the price goes high. Of course, others may set a more realistic, or even optimistic, price.

Paul Teasdale has been selling homes in Provo Utah since 1995 and is very experienced in determining the values. The first thing to do is contact Paul and request a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis of your home. Paul will compare your home to other homes that have sold in your neighborhood. Do you want to list a Provo Utah Home. Request a FREE CMA if you are considering listing a Provo Utah Home.

What Repairs May be Needed?

Paul will walk thru your home and help determine what repairs are needed in order to maximize your resale value. A little paint will go a long way when bringing your home to market in Provo. Make the needed repairs on your home before listing your home. These are a few tips on how to list a Provo Utah home.

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