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Provo Utah

General Information About Provo

Provo Utah Information: The largest city in the county and the third largest in the state, Provo has received widespread attention for economic growth, high-tech enterprises, and a great quality of life. "Preserving a Quality Lifestyle" is more than a city slogan, but a way of doing things. This is reflected in events like America's Freedom Festival, BYU Sports, the Greater Provo Open, and the Ben Hogan Tournament. During the 1990's, Money magazine rated Provo in their top twenty best places to live, and other publications like Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, and the L.A. Times have printed stories on Provo's positive business growth and lifestyle. Provo is the home of Brigham Young University, the largest church-related private university in the nation. Provo was also a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and hosted the Ironman triathalon in 2002.

Provo's population grew an average of 1.9% each year from 1990 to 2000. Provo's population is young, with a median age of 22.9, and its households are small, with 3.32 the average household size.  Zip Codes 84601, 84604, 84606

Population of Provo Utah

The population of Provo is approximately 112,488 (2010). The approximate number of families is 24,578 (1990). The amount of land area in Provo is 100.019 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 5.538 sq kilometers. Provo is positioned 40.24 degrees north of the equator and 111.64 degrees west of the prime meridian. Provo elevation is 4,549 feet above sea level.

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Provo Utah History

Father Silvestre Velez de Escalante, a Spanish Franciscan missionary-explorer, is considered the first European explorer to have visited the area, in 1776. Escalante chronicled this first European exploration across the Great Basin desert. Provo was originally called Fort Utah when it was settled in 1849 by 33 Mormon families from Salt Lake City, but was renamed Provo in 1850 for Etienne Provost, an early French- Canadian trapper who arrived in the region in 1825. The Battle of Fort Utah was fought at Provo in 1850.

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Climate and Weather of Provo, Utah

The climate for Provo is moderate. There are 10 to 20 inches of snowfall per year with much more great "Utah" snow in the mountains to enjoy.  Provo average annual rainfall is 16 inches per year Provo average annual snowfall is 10-20 inches per year. The average winter temperature is 21 degrees F. The average summer temperature is 83 degrees F.

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