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Why hire a group of Provo Utah Realtors? The team approach gives you the benefit of us all!

T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More.

A team working together allows for specific attention to individual clients needs. Paul Teasdale has been selling homes in Provo Utah since 1995. Paul started out as a single agent selling homes. The demands of the business have increased over the years. Paul wanted his buyer and seller clients to get immediate and accurate information about their transaction if he was in a meeting or showing homes to anther client.

Below is a list of the Provo Utah Realtors that work for Team Teasdale Realty. Do you want to hire a Provo Utah Realtor to help you buy or sell a home?

Provo Utah Broker
Paul Teasdale

Principal Broker
BYU Finance
(801)-491-SOLD 7653
About Paul


Provo Utah Broker Dave
David Teasdale

Associate Broker



Provo Utah Realtor Ken
Ken Bulpitt

Buyer's Specialist
Showing Coordinator
UVU - Business



Provo ut real estate agent
David Maltby

Buyer's Specialist



Provo ut agent
Laura Herring

Buyer's Specialist



realtor in Provo
Jennifer Fisher

Buyer's Specialist



Philipp Malzl

Buyer's Specialist
PhD - Art History


Real Estate Agent
Justin Hutchins

Buyer's Specialist
BS in Behavioral Science-UVU



Provo Utah Realtors

Are you looking for some Provo Utah Realtors? Paul Teasdale of Team Teasdale Realty has been selling homes in Provo since 1995. Team Teasdale Realty would love the opportunity to help you find your next home in Provo, Utah.

A Realtor’s compensation is based on commission. A Realtor is not paid on any work that is done until they find a home for you and you buy it. A Realtor is not paid a salary like some people think. If you hire a Realtor to show you home make it clear if you have a commitment or not with the Realtor.

The seller pays commission to the listing agent through escrow and it is usually divided in this manner. The commission is split between two brokerages. For example if the gross commission paid by the seller is 6% then the commission is typically split 3% to the listing brokerage and 3% to the buyers brokerage. Commissions are not fixed at 6%. Commissions can be any amount agreed upon by the parties involved.

Provo Utah Realtor

Do you want to sell a home in Provo Utah? Are you looking to hire a Provo Utah Realtor? I know some sellers don’t like to hear this, but newspaper ads do not sell properties. When was the last time you looked at a newspaper to find a home? Working with a large or small company does not matter. What really matters is the individual Realtor. What the Realtor can do for you does matter.

Hire a Provo Utah Realtor that is honest and has a good reputation. Hire a Provo Realtor that is selling homes on a regular basis in Provo. As a Provo Utah Realtor, I can help you sell your home, twinhome or condo. Feel free to call any member of our team anytime.

Paul Teasdale of Team Teasdale Realty has been selling homes in Provo Utah since 1995. In fact, Paul has sold over 1,100 homes in Utah County. Paul is familiar with the Provo neighborhoods, schools and Provo Real Estate listings.

Search Homes for Sale in Provo Utah with a Realtor

Search all the homes and condos for sale in Provo Utah via the “Map Search” link below. Gather a list of all the homes you like. Email Paul with Team Teasdale Realty the MLS numbers. The MLS number will be on each listing. This is like the UPC code on a product. It helps us Realtors locate the property quickly in the MLS database.

We will look over the list and give you some feedback about the availability of each home. We will also give you our opinion on the value of each property. We want you to purchase a home in Provo UT that is an excellent value that will appreciate.

Listing a Home in Provo Utah

If you have a home to sell in Provo Utah contact Paul Teasdale. Our team will do a quick and free analysis on what your home is worth. We can also give you an idea of how long we think it will take to sell. Paul Teasdale is a Provo Utah Realtor.

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